Can You Date Your RA, TA, Or Professor? Here’s How To Handle The Situation

Skip to content. This policy document is intended for two groups: 1 faculty requesting GTA support for their courses, 2 PhD students admitted Fall and later whose degree requirement thus serving twice as a GTA. Basic policy for faculty — One GTA or grader per 25 students, when needed to provide a superior educational experience for students and to leverage faculty time. Basic policy for PhD students — You are expected to complete one GTA by the end of your third year of study, and the second by the end of your fifth year. Applies to PhD students entering in August or later. This applies also to the fifth year. Serving as a GTA satisfies the 2-semester requirement only if course enrollment is at least 25, unless prior approval has been given by the faculty member overseeing GTA assignments.

Teaching Assistants

By Continuing to browse this site you permit us and our partners to place identification cookies in your browser and agree to use of cookies to identify you for marketing. Review our privacy policy for details or change your cookies preferences. Get Our App! Whisper is the best place to express yourself online. Things can get rather complicated however when our beloved TAs start crushing on their own students. It’s definitely possible for TAs and students to have fruitful relationships, but it’s difficult for either party to cross the line separating instructors from students.

Teaching Assistants Note: For the Spring/Summer semester, both Priority shall be accepted or declined within 10 working days of the date of the offer.

The University has developed a variety of policies intended to protect both you and your students. This page highlights some of the key policies that relate to the work of TAs. These come under four broad areas of responsibility for TAs:. How can I ensure a reasonable expectation of privacy while still collecting the information I need to do my job? A note about small classes, student interaction and group work : If you are a TA for a small tutorial, where students are expected to know one another or collaborate on group projects, some of these best practices might not be necessary or practicable.

Use your best judgement and err on the side of protecting privacy. A note about email: The University has a Policy on Official Correspondence with Students , which stipulates that students are expected to check their University of Toronto email address on a regular basis. It is good practice to reinforce this expectation by asking students to use their University of Toronto account when emailing you.

Likewise, you should always use your University of Toronto email account when communicating with students.


If you are under 18 years of age the following legal terms may be used to describe you: a child, a minor, a youth or a young person. The term young person is probably the best to use. Currently you have to go to school until you turn

All TAs, RAs, and ALs shall respect the rights and opinions of students and End date. Summer. May August Fall. August December Spring.

Being a Teaching Assistant is a great way to earn money on campus, help other students, solidify your understanding of topics, and make close connections with the faculty. TAs grade, hold office hours to answer student questions, sometimes present laboratory material, etc. TAs should have good communication skills and a desire to help other students. Applications for Fall will be accepted from May 1st of the year until June 30th. Applications for Spring will be accepted from October 1st of the year until Dec 27th.

Answer: If you miss the deadline, you may still apply but your likelihood of being accepted is very low. You should schedule a meeting with Prof. Germain to advise him of your late application and explain why it was late. Answer: Because of the nature of class enrollments we often don’t know final student counts until the start of classes we cannot make hiring decisions far in advance. That being said, we try to let outstanding candidates know that they will probably be hired meaning that if enrollments stay at the projected level, they will be hired a couple weeks before classes start.

Other hiring decisions will usually be made the week before classes start. Sometimes, hiring decisions are made the day before classes start, or even the first week of classes.

Graduate Students

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HR contacts. Employee Relations contacts. Purdue University is committed to maintaining an environment in which learning, discovery and engagement take place in a professional atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Amorous Relationships can develop within the University community between faculty, students and staff. The disparity of power when an Amorous Relationship is between 1 a student and a faculty member, graduate teaching or research assistant, or any other University employee who has educational responsibility over the student, 2 a supervisor and subordinate, or 3 senior and junior colleagues in the same department or unit makes the individuals involved susceptible to exploitation.

Relationships between faculty and students are particularly susceptible to exploitation. The respect and trust accorded a member of the faculty by a student, as well as the power exercised by faculty in giving grades, approvals or recommendations for future study and employment, make voluntary consent by the student suspect. Those who abuse their power in the context of an Amorous Relationship where there is Educational or Employment Supervision and Evaluation violate their duty to the University community.

Voluntary consent by the student or subordinate in a romantic or sexual relationship is difficult to determine given the asymmetric nature of the power structure in the relationship. Because of the complex and subtle effects of the power differential in the relationship, the individual with power may perceive the existence of consent that may not exist or not exist at the level perceived by the individual with power.


Term dates, course dates, and section dates are very symbiotic. All of them flow together in all aspects of Canvas. Various dates allow different users to participate in the course. In conjunction with this lesson, to see an example of how term dates, course dates, and section dates work together, view the Terms, Courses, and Section Enrollments PDF.

Term dates define a fixed period of time for an institution where users can participate in a course.

In all Tasmanian students have to participate in education and This means being given or sent a notice with the address, date and time of Court. Persons and Their Families Act (Tas) · Youth Justice Act

This section concerns several areas of interest and responsibility pertaining to hiring, compensating, and working with GAs and TAs. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact the Graduate Administrative Services Facilitator Svetlana Georgieva at svetlana uwindsor. Contact Human Resources for further details. Offers for GA funding are tied with a commitment by the AAU for future GA funding and require careful consideration of the collective agreement provisions.

Contact Graduate Studies for details and to request the GA funding offer template. Graduate and Teaching assistantships are paid as a salary and considered employment. Departments may use evaluations as a routine assessment to be completed either during the mid-course review meeting with the assistant or towards the end of an appointment. A standardized evaluation form must be used for this purpose. Course instructors must be advised to always contact Graduate Studies or Human Resources for guidance as soon as they become aware of issues and before initiating any disciplinary action.

GA and TA pay rates. Note: This site is a living document, the goal of which is to improve, in some small way, the working lives of University of Windsor faculty. We are eager to collaborate with the campus community to better this service over time.

The unclear rules of student-TA relationships

TAs spend much of their time working with students, whether in the classroom, during office hours, or in time spent addressing questions via email. Here are a few tips to promote successful interactions. Remember that you are not the instructor for the course. So know the policies outlined in the syllabus and refer to them often. Being a teaching assistant can be challenging because in many situations, you are relatively close in age to your students.

This strategy tends to backfire.

This means, for example, that a professor may not date a student while that staff (including graduate teaching assistants) cannot engage in a dating or sexual​.

We are good friends and both want to take it further but don’t want to be going against BYU policies. If I knew myself, I’d run away. BYU – Academics. A: Dear Jane, That’s how my parents met. Love, Waldorf or Sauron. If you hope to follow Waldorf or Sauron’s example, it’d be best to wait until after the semester is over. See Board Question and Board Question A: Also see Board Question , which directly quotes the actual policy. It is possible to date with approval. Here’s from the university handbook: Dating, romantic, or amorous relationships at the academic or work-related level between persons where a power differential e.

If such a relationship exists, it should be approved with supervisors, and, as a general rule, not entered into or continued while one individual has the power to either reward or penalize the other because of position of power. Let me just say, I don’t know how well my parents kept this rule, but I’m glad I was born. This site, and the opinions and statements contained herein, do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or policies of Brigham Young University, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or any of their affiliates.

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